A Chance for Christmas (2021)

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Christina Chance, a social media influencer, finally lands the opportunity of a lifetime: a shot at a lucrative sponsorship from her dream brand, if she can manage 2 million live views of her Christmas bonanza. Butting heads with marketing exec Devon, Christina pushes her family to follow her meticulously-crafted script - until she realizes that she and Devon are stuck in a timeloop, endlessly repeating Christmas Eve. Christina must discover what's truly important in life to escape the loop, and falls in love with Devon in the process.


Cast and Crew:


Stefan Brogren


Brian Graves, Jacob Michael Keller


Tori Anderson, Mykee Selkin, Habree Larratt, Declan Cassidy, Tim Progosh, Bradley Hamilton, Lisa Langlois, Nick Allan, Al Connors, Michelle Shaughnessy, Stefan Keyes


Daijah Abram, Shane Boucher, Caitlin Delaney, Mattie Fellbaum, Ryan Greig, Hannah Pillemer, Marly Reed, Fernando Szew, Marianne C. Wunch, Arnie Zipursky

Release Info:

Release Date: June 18, 2021 (USA) | Length: 92 min | Genre: Comedy, Holiday | Certificate: TV-PG


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