A Christmas Duet (2019)

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Averie runs an inn and towards Christmas things gets hectic. A hotel critic arrives and she's there to judge whether Averie's inn is worthy of being appointed the inn of the year in her paper with a nice price sum attached. At the same time Averie agrees to arrange the towns Christmas celebrations when the original venue is flooded. Things gets even more complicated when the singer Jesse arrives at the inn. Jesse and Averie used to be a successful duet act before Averie quit showbiz and left Jesse as a solo act. Jesse's manager has booked him at the inn without knowing Averie managed the place.


Cast and Crew:


Catherine Cyran


Joey Elkins, Blake Silver


Chaley Rose, Rome Flynn, Chiara Zanni, Lane Edwards, Mike Dopud, Brenda Crichlow, Reese Alexander, Teryl Rothery, Alex Zahara, Audrey Wise Alvarez, Jaycie Dotin, Jay Hindle, Sarah Hayward, Andy Thompson, Rob Morton, Liza Huget, Corina Akeson, Sarah Surh, Elijah Silva, Melissa Howell, Miriam Davidson, Zu-Wen Wang, Willy Miles


Dawn Knight, Greg Malcolm, Emily Merlin, Vicki Sotheran

Release Info:

Release Date: November 25, 2019 (USA) | Length: 84 min | Genre: Drama, Holiday, Music, Romance | Certificate: Not Rated


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