Art Of Deception (2019)

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Joseph is a scientist working on a top-secret project. One that involves a deliberately engineered virus, its cure and an implantable nanochip. Upon finding out that not only is he not getting a raise, but that they plan to kill him to cover their tracks he goes on the run. In response, the CIA's Deputy Director Roland dispatches assassins after him and has his wife Valentina kidnapped. Can he manage to stay alive long enough to save her, and the world?


Cast and Crew:


Richard Ryan


Michael Marcelin, Richard Ryan


Anzu Lawson, Micah Fitzgerald, Mark Sivertsen, Keenan Johnston, Landall Goolsby, Rich Paul, Caroline Redekopp, Scott duPont, Jesse Janzen, Leon van Waas, Richard Ryan, Summer Still, Jackie Nova, Thomas R. Baker, Daniel Joo, Nicholas Talone, Tannis Hanson, Simon Ager, Andrew Miller, Pelé Kizy, Lane Wray, David Hoyt Lawlor, Brian Bruner, Craig Bruenell, Clarence A. Barnes, Prince Toe, Gabriel Caste, Kelvin Nova, David Lundell, Christopher Erickson, Daniel Pierce IV, Joseph King, Fernando Gonzalez, Ray Cosico, Richard Baer, Scott Wilson, Jerry Hansen, Brian King, Steve Dotson, Mark Alyn, Marvin Hubbard, Christian Gangl, Rod Johnson, Mike Ryan


Jonathan S. Abrams, Jackie Nova, Joe F. Ryan, Richard Ryan

Release Info:

Release Date: January 22, 2019 (USA) | Length: 90 min | Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller | MPAA Rating: Unknown


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