Be Water (2020)

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Rejected by Hollywood, Bruce Lee returned to Hong Kong to complete four films. Charting his struggles in two worlds, Be Water explores questions of identity and representation through rare archive, intimate interviews, and his writings.


Cast and Crew:


Bao Nguyen




Shannon Lee, Linda Lee Cadwell, Sam Ho, Bruce Lee, Jeff Chang, Andre Morgan, Doug Palmer, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Pierre Berton, Ruby Chow, Leroy Garcia, Dan Inosanto, Jesse Glover, Amy Sanbo, Edison Uno, Alex Ben Block, Lee Hoi Chuen, Robert Lee, Sylvia Lai, Nancy Kwan, Barney Scollan, Brandon Lee, William Dozier, Jay Sebring, Andre Morgan, Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Daniel Inouye, Van Williams, Adam West, Diana Lee Inosanto, Frank Chin, Paul Heller, Tom Kuhn, Raymond Chow, Tony Liu, Fred Weintraub, Angela Mao, Ted Thomas


Jenna Anthony, Emma Comans, Brian D'Ostilio, John Dahl, Marquis Daisy, Winnie Fu, Libby Geist, Fergus Haycock, Jason Heilig, Rob King, Gentry Kirby, Kristen Lappas, Erin Leyden, Carolyn Mao, Adam Neuhaus, Bao Nguyen, Julia Nottingham, Connor Schell, Arthur Sharples, Eve Wulf

Release Info:

Release Date: June 7, 2020 (USA) | Length: 105 min | Genre: Biography, History, Martial Arts | MPAA Rating: Unknown | Note(s): This documentary is part of the ESPN 30 for 30" series.


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