Christmas in Evergreen (2017)

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In the week before Christmas, veterinarian Allie Shaw, who has lived her entire life in the Northern Vermont Christmas tourist town of Evergreen, is moving to Washington DC to be with Spencer, her boyfriend of two years, to see if the long distance is the issue in the stagnation of their relationship as they suspect. Physician Ryan Bellamy and his adolescent daughter Zoe Bellamy are heading to Florida to board a cruise for the holidays, Ryan having made this choice to get away from the memory of his wife who died just over a year ago and who was the one who did the traditional Christmas in their family. Allie and the Bellamys meet when Ryan and Zoe stop off in Evergreen, where they had never been, en route to the airport. While someone within this collective secretly wants to spend Christmas in Evergreen, the others seem determined to make their way to their stated destination. However, one thing or another seems to conspire to prevent them from making it to either Washington or Florida. But the stated plans may still come to pass, that is unless the legend of a wish of the heart made on the Christmas snow globe that is displayed in Allie's parents' diner is stronger in showing those the collective that perhaps they were meant to spend Christmas in Evergreen together, the wish arguably manifested by the kindly old man hired to play Santa at Evergreen's annual Christmas Festival.


Cast and Crew:


Alex Zamm


Rick Garman


Ashley Williams, Teddy Sears, Holly Robinson Peete, Jaeda Lily Miller, Marcus Rosner, Barbara Niven, Malcolm Stewart, Keith Martin Gordey, Lynda Boyd, Chris Cope, Daryl Shuttleworth, Rukiya Bernard, Ronald Patrick Thompson, Prince Justin Atkinson, Addison Gosselin, Leonica Douglas, Razvan Orban


Shelley Hack, Harvey Kahn

Release Info:

Release Date: December 2, 2017 (USA) | Length: 84 min | Genre: Drama, Holiday, Romance | Certificate: TV-G



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