Cold Zone (2017)

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Unexplained deaths of migratory birds and several other baffling disappearances blemish the Alaskan vacation of the inquisitive ornithologist, Dr. Roger Summers, and his family while visiting the cold winter retreat of Pemberton. Unable to come up with a logical explanation, Roger joins forces with the reclusive environmental scientist, Dr. Tim Hughes, whose ideas and grave warnings of an impending frozen Armageddon were mocked by the scientific community. Now, the two men must warn everyone about the deadly phenomenon that threatens to devour the globe in order to save as many as possible. Is the world facing a second Ice Age?


Cast and Crew:


John MacCarthy


Hannah Davies, Ivan Hayden


Martin Cummins, Lauren K. Robek, Nick Purcha, Sarah Desjardins, Steve Bacic, Sarah-Jane Redmond, Daniel Boileau, Darcy Laurie, Christian Sloan, Melanie McLaren, Marcus Hondro, David Adams, Steven Cree Molison, Viv Leacock, Dawn Chubai, Pippa Mackie, Barbara Wallace, John Stewart


Costa Vassos

Release Info:

Release Date: May 16, 2017 (USA) | Length: 85 min | Genre: Action, Disaster, Sci-Fi | MPAA Rating: Unrated | Note(s): Note(s): 100° Below Zero


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