Counting Bullets (2021)

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One of 12 westerns in 12 months, Counting Bullets tells the story of a small group of cavalry soldiers who are pinned down in a canyon by the enemy. Over the course of a few days, they are forced to face their differences and rely on each of their instincts to survive.


Cast and Crew:


Travis Mills


John Marrs, Travis Mills


Travis Mills, William Carr, John Marrs, Elley Ringo, Tom Renk, Ernest Marsh, Mike Doherty, Blaize Naasz, Larry Judkins, Jon St. Clare, John Charles Dickson, William Shannon Williams, William Chandler, Wayne Lundy, Robert Emery, Michael Estridge, Anouschka Alexa, Mike Festus Taylor, Kevin Goss, Gavin Brannan, Jim Heffel, Tony James Leamon, Tommy Dominick, Steve Burton, Thomas Ramsey, Mark Henning, Carol S. Herrick, William J. Williams, Greg Vestal


Gavin Brannan, Jim Heffel, G Jerry Jones, John Marrs, Travis Mills

Release Info:

Release Date: April 3, 2021 (USA) | Length: 73 min | Genre: Action, Western | MPAA Rating: Unknown


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