Doctor Dolittle (1967)

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Dr. John Dolittle lives in a small English village where he specializes in caring for and verbally communicating with animals. When Dr. Dolittle is unjustly sent to an insane asylum for freeing a lovesick seal from captivity, his animals and two closest human friends, Matthew Mugg and Tommy Stubbins, liberate him. Afterward, they join Emma Fairfax and set out by boat to find a famed and elusive creature: the Great Pink Sea Snail.


Cast and Crew:


Richard Fleischer


Hugh Lofting (novels), Leslie Bricusse (screenplay)


Rex Harrison, Samantha Eggar, Anthony Newley, Richard Attenborough, Peter Bull, Muriel Landers, William Dix, Geoffrey Holder, Portia Nelson, Norma Varden, Frank Baker, Buddy Bryan, Edward Cast, Judy Chapman, Judy the Chimpanzee, Phyllis Coghlan, Robert Cole, Gene Columbus, Cyril Cross, Peter Crowcroft, John Dolan, Jesslyn Fax, Arthur Gould-Porter, Gub-Gub, Eric Heath, Lars Hensen, Kendrick Huxham, Theron Jackson, Diana Lee, Queenie Leonard, Lewis Loughran, Angela Miller, Polynesia, Frank Radcliffe, Jack Raine, Danny Rees, Russell Robinson, Wally Ross, Angelo Rossitto, Rufus, Sophie, Ted Stanhope, Geoffrey Steele, Gilchrist Stuart, Olga Sutcliffe, Ginny Tyler, Paul Vernon, Bob Winters


Mort Abrahams, Arthur P. Jacobs

Release Info:

Release Date: December 19, 1967 (USA) | Length: 152 min | Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Musical | Certificate: Approved


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