Find Your Groove (2020)

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In this inspiring and uplifting documentary, stars and musicians from across the industry speak to the power and importance of music in society, the lack of support for music education in our schools, and how music affects us in every way. With special appearances and powerful performances by legends and icons of the music world, the film deeply explores how music touches the soul, scientists reveal how it organically transforms and inspires the mind, enlightens the human spirit, is a great healer, the soundtrack to our lives, and the international language of humanity. This emotional documentary examines how close we came to not having many of the incredible artists who we cherish today had it not been for arts programs. Music has the power to inspire and change the world, and that starts with supporting youth via arts education.


Cast and Crew:


Michael j Kirk


Michael j Kirk


Bob Saget, Whoopi Goldberg, Tony Bennett, Rosario Dawson, Dionne Warwick, The Bacon Brothers (Kevin Bacon, Michael Bacon), Dave Navarro, Brian Hardgroove, Orianthi, Norman Lear, Neve Campbell, Daniel Egwurube, Dave Brubeck, Antonio Damasio, Mark Tramo, Haley Reinhart, Martin Guigui, Noah Guigui, Esai Morales, Keith David, Myka Miller, Samuel Egwurube, Amy Tatum, Robby Krieger, Rory Pullens, Audley Freed, Joe Bonamassa, John Burk, Striking Matches (Justin Davis, Sarah Zimmermann), Manuel Delgado, Laurie Schell, Gabriela Fuentes, Al Schmitt, Susan Waters, Nancy Shapiro, Nola Jones, Sarah Darling, Kenny Loggins, Brett Eldredge, Daniel Neikirk, Rebecca Darling, Michael Washington, Gabrielle Bailey, Davey Yarborough, Deletra Bailey, Vernon Burch, Dez Dickerson, Wynton Marsalis, Lenny White, Ekep Nkwelle, Jordy Freed, Sturgill Simpson, Audley Freed, Ali Jackson, Monty Alexander, Jimmy Kimmel, Mark Bryan, Denis Gallagher, Kristen Paglia, Kathryn Busby, Kenny Sears, Jeannie Sealy, Constance Zimmer, Lee Barbour, David Schroeder, Carl Schafer, Paul Strauss


Michael Brickman, Robin Bronk, Ian Fisher, Denis J. Gallagher, Martin Guigui, Blair Hahn, Eric Hollenbeck, Warren Ostergard, Matthew Shreder

Release Info:

Release Date: March 24, 2020 (USA) | Length: 88 min | Genre: History, Music | MPAA Rating: Unknown


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