Golden Needles (1974)

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Various factions are fighting each other to gain possession of a very special statue. The statue itself is not worth much, the needles inside it are the true prize. These "golden needles" hold extraordinary and unique properties, if inserted in the right positions in a man he will gain super sexual prowess, if placed incorrectly he dies.


Cast and Crew:


Robert Clouse


S. Lee Pogostin, Sylvia Schneble


Joe Don Baker, Elizabeth Ashley, Jim Kelly, Burgess Meredith, Ann Sothern, Roy Chiao, Frances Fong, Kung-Wu Huang, Alice Fong, Sonny Barnes, Pat E. Johnson, Edgar Justice, Shao-Hung Chan, Tiet Wo Chu, Ju Fang, Yuen Fang, Raven Grey Eagle, Li-Jen Ho, Ka Ting Lee, Richard Ng, Ming Shih, San Tai, Tien-Hsi Tang


Paul M. Heller, Fred Weintraub

Release Info:

Release Date: July 17, 1974 (USA) | Length: 92 min | Genre: Action, Drama, Martial Arts | Certificate: PG | Note(s): Also known as "The Chase for the Golden Needles".


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