Kill Squad (1981)

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After he is paralyzed, his wife is raped and murdered, wealthy businessman Joseph assembles his former squadron of six soldiers to seek revenge. However the squadron is also in danger when a masked figure in black with a high-powered rifle began hunting them down one by one. Who is it, and who will survive?


Cast and Crew:


Patrick G. Donahue


Patrick G. Donahue


Jean Glaudé, Jeff Risk, Jerry Johnson, Francisco Ramírez, Bill Cambra, Gary Fung, Marc Sabin, Cameron Mitchell, Alan Marcus, Mike Donahue, Sean P. Donahue, Cherilyn Basile, Larry Jackson, Corlean Pitre, Dewitt Ladd Rucker, Jon Buyant, Joe Cappetta, Sharon Ragonetti, Charles Ascello, Len Boyd, Glen Chapman, Patrick G. Donahue, Jeff Finder, Gordon Fong, Billy Gabriel, Meguel Garcia, Phillip Lewis, Sen Nguyen, Joe O'Kane, Frank Sheppard, Herschel Sparber, Richard Sport, Kerry Yo Nakagawa, Nathalie Zeiger, Russell Johnson

Unknown Cast:


Patrick G. Donahue, Michael D. Lee, Dewitt Ladd Rucker, Maurice Solkov

Release Info:

Release Date: December 4, 1981 (USA) | Length: 85 min | Genre: Action, Drama, Martial Arts | Certificate: R | Note(s): Premiered in Miami, Florida. I wonder if the girl referred to as "Shamu" in the film is actually Corlean Pitre in the role of "Pepper".


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