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In 1939 Los Angeles, private detective Philip Marlowe is hired by wealthy heiress Clare Cavendish to find her missing lover, Nico Peterson, a prop master at Pacific Film Studios. Marlowe discovers that Peterson is believed to be dead after allegedly falling down drunk and being run over by a car outside an exclusive club. However, Marlowe is skeptical of the circumstances surrounding Peterson's supposed death and begins to investigate further, despite lack of interest from his friend, homicide detective Joe Green. Marlowe delves deeper into the case, uncovering a web of deceit and corruption among the city's elite.


Cast and Crew:


Neil Jordan


William Monahan, Neil Jordan; John Banville (based on the book 'The Black-Eyed Blonde' by); Raymond Chandler (based on characters by)


Liam Neeson, Brenda Rawn, Alan Moloney, Diane Kruger, Stella Stocker, François Arnaud, Darrell D'Silva, Ian Hart, Kim DeLonghi, Stephan Wiks, Tony Corvillo, Jessica Lange, Mitchell Mullen, Patrick Muldoon, Daniela Melchior, Roberto Peralta, J.M. Maciá, Michael Garvey, Danny Huston, David Lifschitz, Anton Antoniadis, Minnie Marx, Luke Manning, Mark Schardan, Billy Jeffries, Seána Kerslake, Gary Anthony Stennette, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Alan Cumming, Colm Meaney, Julius Cotter, Michael Strelow, Lauren O'Leary, Keith Gallagher, Alex Rodriguez Ovalle, Rosa Rovira


Colette Aguilar, Mary Aloe, James T. Bruce IV, A.J. Buckley, Alberto Burgueño, Sameer Chopra, Elisabeth Costa de Beauregard, James Di Giacomo, Fahar Faizaan, Mark Fasano, Simon Fawcett, Beatriz Fluxa, Scott Gale, Juan Antonio García Peredo, Barry Germansky, Richard D. Grissom, Celine Haddad, Victor Hadida, Patrick Hibler, Billy Hines, Christopher Hines, Philip Kim, Peter M. Lenkov, Gary Levinsohn, Monte Lipman, James Masciello, Jan McAdoo, Rajesh A. Mehta, Ajaz Mirza, Alan Moloney, Redmond Morris, Patrick Muldoon, Susan Mullen, Michael Mullner, Juan Cano Nono, Tom Ortenberg, Sharon Paul, Jeff Rice, Andrew C. Robinson, Dana Sano, Ashish Shetty, Matthew Sidari, Steven Sims, Mackenzie Smith, Jonathan Taylor, Harris Tulchin, Jared Underwood, Slava Vladimirov, Andreas Wentz, Tobias Weymar, Cevat Yerli, Mitchell Zhang

Release Info:

Release Date: February 15, 2023 (USA) | Length: 109 min | Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller | MPAA Rating: Rated R for language, violent content, some sexual material and brief drug use. | Note(s): This film is based upon the 2014 novel "The Black-Eyed Blonde" by Benjamin Black, not one of Raymond Chandler's original Marlowe works. Premiered at the Donostia-San Sebastián International Film Festival on September 24, 2022. Above is the theatrical release date.


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