Marooned (1969)

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After spending several months in an orbiting lab, three astronauts prepare to return to earth only to find their rockets wont fire. After initially thinking they might have to abandon them in orbit, NASA decides to launch a daring rescue. Their plans are complicated by a hurricane headed towards the launch site and a shrinking air supply in the astronauts capsule.


Cast and Crew:


John Sturges


Mayo Simon (screenplay); Martin Caidin (novel)


Gregory Peck, Richard Crenna, David Janssen, James Franciscus, Gene Hackman, Lee Grant, Nancy Kovack, Mariette Hartley, Scott Brady, Frank Marth, Craig Huebing, John Carter, Vincent Van Lynn, George Gaynes, Tom Stewart, Duke Hobbie, Walter Brooke, Dennis Robertson, Don Ames, Dick Cherney, Bill Couch, Matt Emery, John Forsythe, Robert Hitchcock, Mauritz Hugo, Kenner G. Kemp, John S. Ragin, Mary Linda Rapelye, Bruce Rhodewalt, George R. Robertson, Clark Ross, John Roy, Eddie Smith, George Smith, Robert Strong


Frank Capra Jr., M.J. Frankovich

Release Info:

Release Date: December 11, 1969 (USA) | Length: 134 min | Genre: Adventure, Disaster, Drama, Sci-Fi | Certificate: G | Note: Like "The Day the Earth Stood Still", other black people can be seen in press room and in mission control but are not credited. Eddie Smith is only on the screen for a short time and has no speaking role.


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