S.I.S. (2008)

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When LAPD elite cop Billy Beckett is traumatized by his partner's death, Joseph Armstrong recruits him for his secret Special Investigation Squad, an elite quartet which gets a very free hand to hunt down and eliminate some of the worst criminals which would escape justice. Despite colleague Gabriel's suspicion and a reporter who hired a private detective to expose their 'police abuse', he proves his value in the fight against ruthless gangster Vic, who sacrifices even his weakling brother for a major diamond robbery.


Cast and Crew:


John Herzfeld


John Herzfeld


Matt Nable, Peter Stebbings, Omari Hardwick, Colleen Porch, Keith David, Domenick Lombardozzi, GQ, Martha Millan, Michael B. Silver, John Billingsley, Jackie Debatin, Christina Cox, Jamai Fisher, Natascha Hopkins, Scott Reitz, Jerry Brooks, Mike Camello, Robert Allen Mukes, Alex Cuervo, Matt Hefter, Tank Jones, Leigh Ann Dolan, Deborah Lee Hall, Wayne Berke, William Killian, Carissa Dalton, Jerome V. Green, Dustin Leighton, Amanda Melby, Lillie Richardson, Cade Frankson, Tyrone Williams, Orgena Rose, Ed Marshall, Daniel Shurtliff, Brian J. Williams, Mark Varner, Sheba Price, Danny Zavala, Stan Babola, Kane Black, Christian Michael Clark, Douglas L. Cook, Kevin Cormier, George I. Cortright, Dawn Powell Dell, Jayar Fernandez, Terry Fujii, Daniel Ganea, Pat Giglio, Sheradan Hartman, Jordan Hibbs, Marcus A. Huey, Vincent Alfonzo Jamal, Sonya Krueger, Rita Kurtz, Katie Lemelin, Marc Lyncheski, Annelle Lynne, Tim Martin, Melissa Masters-Foreman, Danae McKillop, Ciro Mennella, Joseph Muhammad, Debbie Overbey, Roy C. Patterson, Paul Piriyaparnt, Brian Ronalds, Dean Matthew Ronalds, John Schile, Greg Seki, Jeremy Ray Smolik, David Sotelo, Rick Tadra, Deena Trudy, Melissa Wiehl, Jason David Young, Chelsea Zeleny, Austin Zirk


Ron Binkowski, Vivian Cannon, Bobby Giordano, John Herzfeld, Paul Jensen, Neal H. Moritz, David A. Rosemont

Release Info:

Release Date: August 24, 2008 (USA) | Length: 79 min | Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller | Certificate: NR | Note(s): Also known as "S.I.S. Special Investigation Section" and "SIS".


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