Sugar Hill (1974)

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When her boyfriend is murdered by gangsters, Sugar Hill decides not to get mad, but BAD! She entreats voodoo queen Mama Maitresse to call on Baron Samedi, Lord of the Dead, for help with a gruesome revenge. In exchange for Sugar's soul, the Dark Master raises up a zombie army to do her bidding. The bad guys who think they got away clean are about to find out that they're DEAD wrong.


Cast and Crew:


Paul Maslansky


Tim Kelly


Marki Bey, Robert Quarry, Don Pedro Colley, Betty Anne Rees, Richard Lawson, Zara Cully, Charles Robinson, Larry Don Johnson, Rick Hagood, Ed Geldart, Albert J. Baker, Raymond E. Simpson, Truman C. Carroll, 'Big Walter' Price, Charles Krohn, J. Randall Bell, Peter Harrell, Judy Hanson, Gary Chason, Roy L. Downey, Garrett Scales, John Scarborough, Tony Brubaker


Samuel Z. Arkoff, Elliot Schick

Release Info:

Release Date: February 7, 1974 (USA) | Length: 91 min | Genre: Action, Crime, Horror, Zombies | Certificate: PG | Note: Also known as "Black Voodoo".


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