A Tiny House Christmas (2021)

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A restless young woman finds herself working a seasonal job as an elf - and moving into a tiny house fit for one. When she unwraps a coworker's greatest secret, she must come up with a plan as big as Christmas.


Cast and Crew:


Avai d'Amico


Avai d'Amico


Kathleen Cannon, Freddy Walker Jr., Michael Ochotorena, Krissy Kapp, Elizabeth von Isser, Keith Lopez, Gary Lee Vincent, Michael Anthony Gonzales, Jade Ashton, Nancy Barry-Moore, Daniel Brockert, Laura Brockert, Bennett D. Burke, Rosanne Crago, Nic Daniels, Diane Donato, Liz Claire Feliciano, Rachael Goddard, Daniel Gonzales Jr., Lillyana Sophia Gonzales, Matthew Elijah Gonzales, Jazz Harvey, Nadia Henry, Sara Jahan, Brandon Leighton Lawrence, Angelia Lewis-Vazquez, Paul Loh, Fermin Poncecastillo, Patrick Reed, Hayden Ricardez


Laura Brockert, Bennett D. Burke, Bernadine Cannon, Kelley Daniel, Christopher DeLeo, Daniel Gonzales, Winnie Ryan Nanna, David M. Ricci, Gary Lee Vincent, Elizabeth von Isser

Release Info:

Release Date: February 12, 2021 (USA) | Length: 91 min | Genre: Comedy, Holiday | MPAA Rating: Unknown


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