Laffapalooza Volume 4 (2003)

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The hottest comedians tell outrageous stories from their lives in comedy before taking the stage in this special hosted by Jamie Foxx.


Cast and Crew:


Chet Brewster


Jamie Foxx Mike Bonner, Darrel Heath, Sherri Shepherd, Juan Villareal, Spike Davis


Jamie Foxx, Mike Bonner, Darrel Heath, Sherri Shepherd, Mike Epps, Flex Alexander, Juan Villareal, Spike Davis, Steve Harvey


Marcus King, Ron Wilson, Jamie Foxx, Gary Reeves, Tony Reece, Chuck Vinson, Jodi Gomes, Oliver Summers

Release Info:

Release Date: May 16, 2003 (USA) | Length: 56 min | Genre: Comedy, Stand-Up | MPAA Rating: TV-MA | Note(s): Originally aired on Showtime. Cast list on IMDB at times differs from what's on the actual video so I only went with video cast. I didn't find a trailer for this special. Laffapalooza 1-8 are currently available on AKA "Jaime Foxx's Laffapalooza".


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