Zombie Rampage 2 (2018)

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Two warring factions live side by side during the Zombie Rampage apocalypse in this classic good versus evil roller-coaster ride of epicness.


Cast and Crew:


Alexander Brotherton


Alexander Brotherton, Todd Sheets


J. Purkaple, Antwoine Steel, Eve Smith, Carol Word, Jenna McCarty, Dilynn Harvey, Brian Shadensack, Daniel Bell, Jack McCord, Jeremy Todd, Skyler Wathen, Dylan Hartford Thomas, Andrew Baltes, Ella Reign, Shalyn Blain Lillard, Sheila Brandon; Original Footage: Tonia Monahan, Chuck Cannon, Matthew Lewis, Kim Alber, James Shelby, Mike Hellman, Mary Tidwell, Baxter Reddenbocker; Featured Zombies: Dave Byerly, Deric Bernier, Erin Kehr, Lisa Cotton, Ed Dill; Extras: Cydney Pfeiffer, April O'Brian, Casey Parr-Musician, Charlie Davis, Sherry Hesster, Kalee Ann, Tabbitha Marie Fansher, Misty Watson, Ashley Renee Pickering, Mark Rice, Keri Cole, Sheila Brandon, Douglas Epps, Ron Lammer, Marshall Mason, Aaron Wright, Jack McCord, Andre Tambruyere, Brian Willet, Eric Schuetz, Misty Watson, Aaron Brazier, Jack Sigler, Kevin Prewitt, Bailey Fee, Kayla Clarkson, Skyler Wathan, Marie Burden, Sandra Brandon, Ashley Isias, Haley StansBury, Erin Wolfe Dutro, Jason Gill, Austin Gill, Samuel Reynolds, Gregg DeFoor, Caleb Campbell, Amanda Straoud, Suzy Marie Watts, Alex Stroud, Michelle J. Stroud, J. Michael Strange, Benjamin Burgess, Steve Card, Kayle Howrey, Pamela Simpson, Terri Mason, Adrian Cortez, Clarissa Schribly, Escobar Eberspatch


Alexander Brotherton, Todd Sheets

Release Info:

Release Date: 2018 | Length: 73 min | Genre: Horror, Zombie | MPAA Rating: Unrated | Note: Cast list is taken from the film credits.


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