American Siege (2021)

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An ex-NYPD officer-turned-sheriff of a small rural Georgia town has to contend with a gang of thieves who have taken a wealthy doctor hostage.


Cast and Crew:


Edward Drake


Edward Drake, Corey Large


Bruce Willis, Rob Gough, Timothy V. Murphy, Johann Urb, Anna Hindman, Trevor Gretzky, Cullen G. Chambers, Eric Buarque, Joshua Cavender Cole, Stephen Dixon, Steven C Hamilton, Billy Jack Harlow, Janet Jones, Robert Laenen, Phillip Joe Luke, Blake Marshall, Johnny Messner, Joe Munroe, Kelcey Rose, Sarah May Sommers, Buddy Watkins, Johnathan Woodward, Timothy Cox


John P. Alviz, Gordon Bijelonic, Jas Boparai, Grady Craig, Stephen J. Eads, Matthew Helderman, Ali Jazayeri, Corey Large, Sean Patrick O'Reilly, Viviana Zarragoitia

Release Info:

Release Date: January 7, 2022 (Canada) | Length: 100 min | Genre: Action, Thriller | MPAA Rating: Rated R for violence, language throughout and some drug content. | Note(s): Also known as "Emboscada".


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