Christmas in Miami (2021)

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Akpos jets off with his family to the exotic city of Miami, Florida to represent Nigeria at the Intercontinental Christmas Fiesta, which is a unifying Fiesta that will bring together 6 families from 6 very diverse nations across 5 continents, to spend the week leading up to Christmas together, on an exotic island in Miami, USA. This 'mini' Olympics of Christmas is a multi-ethnic story of unity in diversity. It celebrates how we are all different, but the same, or how we are all 'same difference'. It reminds that Christmas transcends skin colour and racial barriers. It's a rib-tickling comedy that aims to unite borders by helping each of the nations represented to also debunk long-held negative stereotypes and perceptions that the general public always had about them. And of course, somewhere in between all of these, we are treated to endless servings of Akpos' mis-adventures.


Cast and Crew:


Robert Peters


Ayo Makun, Patrick Nnamani, Keni Ogunlola


Manoj Chandra, Verne Alexandre, John Amos, Azariea Burchett, Malcolm Burchett, Lyla Chaubal, Yves-Marc Cinevert, Justin Deavers, Andrew Eberline, Desiree Farnum, Trico Fullerton, Anthony Gaita, Isaiah Samuel Garcia, Osita Iheme, Diego Imperiale, Bryan Jimenez, Raquel Lamanna, Ayo Makun, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Kent Morita, Ik Ogbonna, Catherine Olsen, Nilda LéDix Pagán, Barry Piacente, Tanya Price, Dazzly Rizo, Sterling Royston, Caroline Schwitzky, Julia Sun, Carlos Valentino, Sarah Waters, Nadya Marie Yurawecz


Darlington Abuda, Ifé Duckie

Release Info:

Release Date: December 24, 2021 (Nigeria) | Length: 99 min | Genre: Comedy, Holiday | MPAA Rating: Unknown | Note(s): fourth instalment of the AKPOS Nollywood film series created by renowned Nigerian comedian AYO MAKUN.


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