J.D.'s Revenge (1976)

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A docile black law student is possessed by a 1940's mobster in mid-70's New Orleans. The mobster seeks revenge upon the people who killed him and his sister.


Cast and Crew:


Arthur Marks


Jaison Starkes


Glynn Turman, Louis Gossett Jr., Joan Pringle, Carl W. Crudup, Julian Christopher, Fred Pinkard, Jo Anne Meredith, Alice Jubert, David McKnight, Stephanie Faulkner, Fuddle Bagley, Earl Billings, Paul Galloway, Barbara Tasker, Tom Alden, Melvin Bijou Jr., Blue Lu Barker, Joseph Collins, Fred Ford, Chauncey Leon Gilbert, Ruth Kempf, Bob Minor, Tony Owens, Samuel ‘Catfish’ Routh, Hazel Roberts, Timothy Toseborough, Rhonda Shear, Danny Dunn, Adolph Caesar, Deonna Lang

Unknown Cast:


Samuel Z. Arkoff, Arthur Marks, Robert E. Schultz

Release Info:

Release Date: August 25, 1976 (USA) | Length: 95 min | Genre: Action, Horror, Thriller | Certificate: R | Note: Adolph Caesar doesn't appear in the film. He is credited as the narrator of the theatrical trailer. I think Fred Ford, who plays the doctor in this film, is the jazz musician, Fred Ford.


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