The Signal (2007)

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A horror film told in three parts, from three perspectives, in which a mysterious transmission that turns people into killers invades every cell phone, radio, and television.


Cast and Crew:


David Bruckner, Dan Bush, Jacob Gentry


David Bruckner, Jacob Gentry, Dan Bush


Anessa Ramsey, Sahr Ngaujah, AJ Bowen, Matthew Stanton, Suehyla El-Attar, Justin Welborn, Cheri Christian, Scott Poythress, Christopher Thomas, Lindsey Garrett, Chad McKnight, Claire Bronson, David Bruckner, Dan Bush, John Clifton, Nikki Bingham, Ryan Lewis, Tracy Martin, Angele Masters, Kalina Kitten McCreery, Marc McPherson, Stacy Melich, Alexander Motlagh, Edward Morgan, Kid Richmond, Robert Sanders, Tristan Towne, Jeremy Turner, Thomas Wallis, Steve Warren, Steven Westdahl, Pat Yeary, Ngozi Lamar Beane, Linda Burns, Luanne Byrd, Michael Germon, Mark Holbrook, Tonya Kennedy, Jeremy Motlagh, Eric Pace, Willie Stodhill, Michael Wade, Rebecca Russell, Seth Zimmerman, Biluxi, Robyn Elder, J. Howard Bach, Becky Ballard, Crystal Thomas, Jenna Burke, Johnny Burke, Joy Burke, Robin Acker, J. Jacob Adelman, Ben Bailey, Terril A. Closs, Tiffany Dennise, Alexis Hale, Quillian Hightower, Scott Hodges, Marirosa Hoffman, Lawrence Johnson, Robert Lane, Nicholas Lyle, Crystal Mitchell, Kasey Perdue, Bill Rampley, Melissa Randle, Peggy Randle, David Strickland, Robert Sterling, Patrick Thompson, Marcellus Thurman, Joseph Waldrop, Jenelle Warner, John Wroblewski, Heather Young, Jennifer Caldwell


David C. Ballard, Pete Ballard, Linda Burns, Hilton Garrett, Jacob Gentry, Alexander Motlagh, Morris Ruskin

Release Info:

Release Date: January 22, 2007 (USA) | Length: 103 min | Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller | MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong brutal bloody violence throughout, pervasive language and brief nudity. | Note: Premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007.


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