Easy to Get (1947)

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U.S. Army training film about avoiding venereal disease, intended primarily for Negro servicemen.


Cast and Crew:


Joseph M. Newman


US Army Service Forces


Wendell Corey, Ruby Dee, Russell Evans, Louise Franklin, Suzette Harbin, Joe Louis, Ralph Metcalfe, Jesse Owens, Ken Renard, Paul Robeson, Max Schmeling, Howard Washington


U.S. Army Pictorial Service

Release Info:

Release Date: 1947 (USA) | Length: 22 min | Genre: History, Romance, War | Certificate: Restricted | Note(s): Will have to do more research on cast list. The above cast was taken from IMDB but looks as if it's missing people and/or there are mistakes in the roles listed. The main character in the film is Corporal Baker. He is not listed as a cast member on IMDB and I don't recognize the actor, so can't see if he's just mislabeled. Another example: I watched this film trying to identify Howard Washington. Cast list says he's the "Older Man on the Street". There are lots of people on the street but there is an old man lying in a hospital bed that the film focuses on. He is described as a vet who got syphilis overseas from a prostitute. There is no character listed in cast that fits that description. Is he the "old man on the street?" Unfortunately there are no credits at the end of the film so not really sure where IMDB got its cast list from. Will keep searching.


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