P.O.W. the Escape (1986)

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US Airborne colonel James Cooper accepts a daredevil mission to liberate just before the impending end of the Vietnamese war some POW's which the Vietcong refuses to exchange, from a camp that officially doesn't even exist. he alone survives the blowing up up his team's extraction helicopter and is captured himself. The Vietcong camp commander, captain Vinh, collected a small fortune in gold looted from POWs and wants to buy a new life in the US, so he offers Cooper freedom for help, but is turned down. Just before a convoy arrives to deport the prisoners to Hanoi, Cooper accepts if all Americans may come with them. An adventurous chase follows, fighting each-other as well as Vietcong, not to mention selfish rogue Sparks's tendency to mess everything up. Near the border, Cooper insists to come to the rescue of a trapped US unit's survivors.


Cast and Crew:


Gideon Amir


Malcolm Barbour, James Bruner, Avi Kleinberger, John Langley, Jeremy Lipp


David Carradine, Charles Grant, Mako, Steve James, Phil Brock, Daniel Demorest, Tony Pierce, Steve Freedman, James Acheson, Rudy Daniels, Ken Metcalfe, Ken Glover, Michael James, Irma Alegre, Spanky Manikan, Estrella Antonio, Tony Beso Jr., John Falch, Cris Aguilar, Pen Medina, Ray Ventura, Luisito Hilario, Chris Gould, Brian Robillard, Leif Erlandson, Brian Tasker, Jim Gaines, Eric Hahn, Mansour Khalili, Brad Cassini, Tony Williams, Willie Williams, Avraham Karpick, Bill Kipp, Andrew Sommer, Victor Barjo, John Barrett, Zenon Gil, Henry Strzalkowski, Marty Ike, Steven L. Long, Berto Spoor


Yoram Globus, Menahem Golan, Avi Kleinberger

Unidentified Cast:

Napping soldier at gas station

Release Info:

Release Date: April 4, 1986 (USA) | Length: 90 min | Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, War | Certificate: R | Note: Original title "Behind Enemy Lines". Also known as "Attack Force 'Nam".


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