Truth or Consequences, N.M. (1997)

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Each going into the situation with a different motive, criminal associates Raymond Lembecke, Curtis Freley - the volatile one who can easily turn to violence if things aren't going his way - and Marcus Weans, and Raymond's girlfriend Addy Monroe are planning on stealing a large stash of drugs from dealer Eddie Grillo, and going to Las Vegas to sell them to drug kingpin Tony Vago. Raymond's motivation is payback as he served two years in prison without talking in taking the fall for Eddie, who showed his "appreciation" in return by giving Raymond a low level, menial job upon his release. While they are able to steal the drugs, the plan doesn't go off without a hitch, they knowing that the authorities, most likely including the DEA, subsequently after them. Although they need to work out details as they go along, they add a coda to the plan, namely to cross the border into Mexico to live after all is said and done. One of those details is feeling like they need to kidnap a couple they encounter, straight-laced Gordon Jacobson and Donna Moreland, who they hold hostage instead of Curtis' preferred alternative of killing them. However, not all is as it appears on the surface with this now collective of six, those unknowns which factor into what happens with them. As they proceed, they also come to the realization that they face obstacles of Eddie's bosses, who are much more forthright in getting what they want without an "or else".


Cast and Crew:


Kiefer Sutherland


Brad Mirman


Vincent Gallo, Mykelti Williamson, Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Pollak, Kim Dickens, Grace Phillips, James McDaniel, Rick Rossovich, John C. McGinley, Max Perlich, Rod Steiger, Martin Sheen, Scott Christopher, Steve O'Neill, Marshall Bell, Richard Clark, Mark Lonow, Jason Rodriquez, Jim Wilkey, Craig Cliver, Robert Peters, Craig Clyde, Joan Robinson, Colin Patrick Lynch, Peter Iacangelo, James Verbois, Tim Parati, Donré Sampson, Bill McIntosh, Perry Barndt, John Brimley, Maurice Dunster, Dennis Bridwell, Richard Slaughter, Don Shanks, Chris Howell, Craig Hosking, Dan Rudert, Manny Rodriguez, Edward Clinch, D.L. Walker


Phillip M. Goldfarb, J. Paul Higgins, Kevin J. Messick, Brad Mirman, Hilary Wayne

Release Info:

Release Date: May 2, 1997 (USA) | Length: 106 min | Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller | MPAA Rating: Rated R for substantial amount of strong violence, and for sex, language and drug use. | Note(s): ???


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